It's Quiz Time
Updated 2 years ago
In development
PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Windows; Android; iOS
It's Quiz Time is a multiplayer trivia quiz game developed for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms by Snap Finger Click. I worked as a contractor Unity developer in its development project. The game is played with companion apps on iOS and Android platforms so the project contained both console / PC and mobile development aspects.

Development highlights:

  • Built the gameplay history data infrastructure.
  • Built the gameplay statistics infrastructure, Implemented statistics calculations and persistence.
  • Implemented the player comments text generation feature based on gameplay history and results.
  • Built the player avatars infrastructure. Implemented photo avatar feature on iOS and Android companion apps.
  • Built the native Unity plugins for iOS and Android's privacy permissions to access camera and photo gallery.
  • Implemented the social media and sharing integration for the companion apps.
  • Worked on UI prefabs for both console and companion apps.
  • Worked on bug fixes and code refactoring.
Basar Simitci
Developer - Owner
Supported Platforms
PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Windows; Android; iOS