It's Bouncy
Updated a year ago
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iOS; Android
Have you ever wanted to be a bouncy ball? Of course you have. It's Bouncy is a strangely addictive endless bouncer. See how far you can bounce!
Out now on iOS and Android!
It's Bouncy is the first project of an indie game developer - Jake Manger. It's a free little time waster that will make you keep going back for more. With simple controls (literally just tapping the screen to bounce), and a pretty high difficulty, it reminds you of old arcade games that many of us once loved.

Jake Manger
An Indie Developer - Designer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android
Marian Alexandru
9 months ago
Software Developer - Designer
Great, check these out it might interest you.
Jake Manger
a year ago
An Indie Developer - Designer
It's Bouncy is out on Android today! Also, check out some gameplay by a youtuber (KDBBM) here: