Island Survival - Action Survival Role Playing Game
Updated 3 years ago
In development
Island Survival is a single player sandbox action survival role playing game for PC. Giving you role as an adventurer who committed to live alone in the wild. He decided to live in a foreign remote island and to overcome its wilderness without any sort of preparation and equipment.
It's my assignment as my bachelor degree thesis and it's still very early in development. So there's not much to tell at the moment. One sure thing is that it's going to feature beautiful environment and scenery all over the place. Well, that's the plan.
Features: - Crafting Create various tools, weapons, and construction materials to help you satisfy your daily needs. - Construction system Build your favorite structures with the meanest form of architecture as the system allows you to construct buildings piece by piece. - Inventory System Keep and store your belongings in your backpack. You can also have some additional storage device in your house to keep more items. - Animal hunting & combat system The hunting system consists of realistic AI for animals and simple combat mechanism. There are 5 kind of animals (mostly because I can't afford more animals x.x), rabbit, moose, boar, wolf, and bear. Each animal has their own characteristic and behavior. There are some weapons available in the game: axe, torch, spear, sword, and bow. - Realistic day night cycle - Smooth weather system
There are still some details I haven't mentioned. I will improve it and add more pics later.
Henry Setiawan
Newb Game Developer - Programmer
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