This game explores the 360 degree digital abstract artwork of Godfrey Meyer III and takes the user on all kinds of psychedelic and mind bending journeys through time / space.
Hello, my name is Godfrey Meyer, and I have made over 150 360 degree art worlds in Cinema4d. They are abstract pieces. I would like to get these pano artworks with custom audio that take the user on psychedelic journeys. I would like to get this content into an app (VR 360 Video Player) and I am looking for some help with this. I am an audio composer and producer, and have a bunch of content (360 videos) produced for this app. I would like it to be VR based, but also be able to be viewed on mobile as well like traditional 360 videos. We would be essentially building a nice UI for people to browse through the worlds I have created and build a way to upload new worlds. If you are willing to help me on this project, please shoot me a message and introduce yourself. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you guys. -Godfrey
Godfrey Meyer
Freelancer - Artist
Godfrey Meyer
3 years ago
Hello everyone! Much love! I hope ot meet some of you guys, testing out Unity Connect for the first time. I am a crazy content creator audio / visual and I am looking to work on projects, and find some people to help me with this project. Thanks for stopping by. -G