You can play this game here: I developed this game in partnership with the artist Kevin Q. from V6Studio, and the game was submitted to Square-Enix Latin America competition in 2012. This is a cube-based puzzle game, where you have to bring the main character "Brain" from its initial position to the exit door of the level. The idea is that you don't control Brain directly, but you only control directional forces that move blocks in the level. The only way Brain moves is by using forces due to elements in the level (magnets for example) that automatically attract and repel Brain. The puzzles can be solved by different means and each level was carefully designed by me. From all the solutions, for each level there is a special solution that happens when you solve the puzzle by bringing Brain to the exit and getting the boxes aligned to a certain pattern. I did the whole programming and level design including: *48+ puzzle level design. *Game mechanics. *Controls (touch controls for mobile, and mouse and keyboard controls for web). *Localization system ( 3 languages ). *Achievements and game progress saving system. *Gameplay in general.
Ricardo David
Senior Gameplay Programmer - Programmer