iOS Features Unity package
Updated 2 years ago
Will be updated with a new features
This package includes a rare iOS features that you can use in your great projects.
Currently package contains next features:

Internal App rate

It's a big feature available in iOS 10.3 and above. Ask the user to rate or review right inside the game.
Rate your app and get much more feedbacks from user's with one click.
It's effectively for you and more comfortable for all users to rate app and stay in the game.
Official documentation note:
When you call this method while your app is still in development mode, a rating/review request view is always displayed so that you can test the user interface and experience. However, this method has no effect when you call it in an app that you distribute using TestFlight.
ATiOSFeatures.Rate ();

Alternative Icons

Support iOS 10.3 and above.
For a long time you wanted to change app icon like a Calendar changes it and displays current date.
This ability allows you to change app icon at any time:
  • switch "Lite" version to "Premium"
  • display player's avatar
  • display team's flag
  • show actual game progress
  • inform about holiday's sales
  • show music playing state
  • show current weather state
  • and more
Change your app's icon to one of its alternate icons. Just place icons to "ATIOSFeatures/AppIcons" folder in PNG format and use by name with one line of code:
ATiOSFeatures.ChangeAppIcon ("IconName")

Document Picker

Support iOS 8.0 and above
Provides access to external documents stored in cloud services such as iCloud Drive and Google Drive.
You must enable iCloud document support before you can use the document picker. For more information, see iCloud Design Guide
ATiOSFeatures.OpenDocumentPicker(string[] types, bool fullscreen, bool multiple, OpenDocumentCallback completion)
types - array of required type identifiers(for example: public.text, public.image). See more
fullscreen - indicates option for fullscreen presentation
multiple - indicates option for multiple selection(support iOS 11 and above)
completion - callback with "urls" of selected files
ATiOSFeatures.OpenDocumentPicker(new string[]{"public.text", "public.image"}, true, (string[] urls) => { Debug.Log("Document picker completion"); });
You can call ATiOSFeatures.OpenDocumentPicker without "fullscreen" or "multiple" parameters. In this case used "false" value. When selection is completed use array of urls to find selected files and copy/load for usage.
Arkadiy Tsoy
Developer - Programmer