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About This GameNote: this is the standalone version of Invisible Apartment Zero that was released in 2015; however, we encourage you to download the same story as a DLC (downloadable content) from the main application: girl hacker stumbles upon a secret that changes her life forever. This is a cyberpunk visual novel about the growing up of a girl from the suburbs who dreams of a life in the big city. It's also about a conspiracy, hacking, surveillance, but most importantly about friendship. Invisible Apartment Zero is part of a series and is a prequel to Invisible Apartment which you can also find on Steam. b4d347fde0 Title: Invisible Apartment ZeroGenre: AdventureDeveloper:Jeroen van Oosten, Milan KazarkaPublisher:Vysoko Anime ProductionRelease Date: 24 Sep, 2015 Invisible Apartment Zero Crack Full Version Download invisible apartment zero Invisible Apartment Zero is an interesting peice. As a prequel to the Invisible Apartment game, once again we are in the shoes of Kasey, a young hacker in a light cyberpunk setting, as her hacking leads leads her to find out things some would rather she didn't uncover.Before I say anything else, if you haven't played the original Invisible Apartment, it is on steam, and it is -free-. I would recommend playing that game first, as it establishes the protagonist well and my review is aimed at those who have already played the free chapter.Mechanically, Zero is identical to its free counterpart. The quicksave button won't give you feedback on whether the quicksave worked or not, so, as with the other installment, clicking MENU in order to manually save is your best bet. I also found that sometimes my clicks wouldn't register in the game, though that also happened with the other chapter and it's possible that it's on my end rather than a game issue.I was also a bit frustrated with some of the failure states, as some of the choices, from my experience at least, seemed similar enough that discerning the correct option was less about deduction and more about guess and check. Additionally, your choices might lead you to a few small differences in events, but the major structure of the story won't budge from your input. To me this isn't much of an issue, but I imagine it could be frustrating to some. The soundtrack is solid, mostly ambient tones to fit the game, but I thought they worked well. (As a side note I have no idea where to find the soundtrack on the game's website, and if they have officially posted it somewhere I don't know where that would be.) The artwork is also fitting of the game's tone, and the art style is well represented by the screenshots on the store page. Whether you like the artwork or not is rather subjective so there isn't much to say, other than I appreciated it.Zero is not a long game, as I beat it in about an hour. While I like the character of Kasey and enjoyed the game myself, I don't really see myself picking it up for another playthrough anytime soon. Like I said before, the story won't change much from your choices (as far as I can tell,) so i don't see a ton of value in going back and trying to see what few bits I missed. A six dollar price tag isn't huge by any stretch, but for the length of an hour it might not be what everyone is willing to shell out. I personally thought it was worth the money to see a younger and less confident version of Kasey, but to each their own.tldr: Hesitant Recommendation. If you wanted to know more about Kasey's character and appreciated the (FREE) original game then Zero complements the other chapter well. That said, the different story and slightly longer length are the only real changes to the game from the first installment; so if you took some issues with the scope of choice or other aspects of design in the original, then you'll find them here as well. It was short, but I enjoyed the first game for it's story and protagonist, so it's no real suprise I enjoyed this prequel chapter as well.. I didnt make it through 5 minutes of this VN. Why? YOU CANT SAVE DURING CHOICES. What the duece man? Exploring choices is a fundameental part of most VN's these days. All in all, I like the art style, the music is original, and it looks like there was some work put into the game. However, player beware.. It's really short but it makes sense to Invisible Apartment. Like I said on my review of the first chapter, the interface of this VN doesn’t match its atmosphere. It’s too simple, and to be really honest, kinda annoying (the text box is basically transparent, and the letters are plain white. It’s hard to read stuff sometimes)… But anyway, leaving that technical detail aside. The writing doesn’t make much sense in a few scenes; like on the beginning, with Joel being taken away. It felt too rushed, I barely had time to fully understand what was happening. It’s a short VN, and like other people said here, the choices are basically just “right” and “wrong”. The ending was pretty dull too. The art style was ok, BG was good, and BGM was pretty nice. Characters are quite plain tho, I couldn’t feel sympathy for any of them (not even Kacey).3/10. It’s too expensive for what it’s offering, get it only on a good sale if you really liked the first game. Overall, I simply don’t recommend this VN, but I’ll keep reading the next chapters to see if things will get better. The concept is interesting, I just think it needs a bit more of effort on the writing and character development part.. Good story, nice scenes and atmospheric background music... especially the characters. I recommend to anyone who loves cyberpunk novels/stories!. I had high hopes after I played the free verison but this..... I don't know what this is.....
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