Invasion: Modern Era
This project was made by 4th year college students (James Patrick C. de Perio, Marjorie L. Tiozon , Danise Gabriel M. de Perio, Cesar Andrew Ulanday). Invasion: Modern Era is a location based(GPS) and Augmented Reality game. Just like pokemon go. every player should look for a marker in the map where enemy are spawn. Features: 1.) Player must register an account. 2.) Player can collect coins in battle on loot in the map. 3.) In Battle, player should shoot and kill the enemy to gain experience and level up. You earn 5 points every level that can use to increase your health or power. 4.) You can also used your coins to upgrade your stats and level up faster! 5.) Future update: challenge and fight other player(connect using tether) This project was used to participate in GDWC. Unfortunately this project was not published and stopped because of server maintenance and the team only used free web hosting.
James de Perio