Inuco: Make Education Fun
Inuco was an experimental prototype for creating physics based school assignments within the Unity game engine. Teachers could design assignments to help teach students physics equations by simulation and actual gameplay in mini games based on high school physics concepts. Student grade and engagement metrics are automatically collected for teacher review. Assigned questions can be individually designed with constraints and limitations, hints can be provided and a maximum number of attempts can be assigned. On top of simulation students may enter a standard question mode and complete any activity as a simple mathematical problem. Inuco was designed to provide students with a chance to play with physics concepts while still giving complete control to educators. The project was completed as part of our Bachelour's degree at The University of Victoria and won best project in our graduating class.
Geoffrey Gollmer
Sotware Engineer
24 days ago
2 months ago
Make education fun is a really good way to learn things and train yourself in many different reasons. I know that we can all have for them to talk about. It can help you in one way or another and there are people here who can help you with all of this as well.
Robert Stokes
8 months ago
An idea that's worth considering. But how much effort has been spent on this project. I think most students like to play, especially when they are not distracted by foreign affairs. Unfortunately, the list of subjects is not in one physics. In other subjects, students use a website with a large database of support materials to solve their problems. This is a database with sample essays. What is interesting about this application is that the indicators are automatically collected by the teacher and analyzed and then evaluated.