Into The Vortex
Published 3 years ago
In development
INTO THE VORTEX is a 3D stealth adventure game focused on parallel world exploration and survival. Jump between realities using The Vortex, an artificial wormhole capable of linking parallel worlds to help solve puzzles and mysteries, fight with enemies and prevent the destruction of our reality by the evil forces!
NTO THE VORTEX is a 3D interdimensional stealth adventure for PC focused on parallel world exploration, rescue, and survival.
Plot: You are the chief scientist of A.S.T.R.A. Labs. A time fracture occurred after the Vortex technology was developed, splitting the reality into two different universes. A post-human predator force of unknown origins invaded after the first interdimensional travel experiment, taking your crew as hostages and threatening to invade and destroy your world.
Your mission is to stop them and shut down the Vortex Project before it's too late.
The game was presented at Level Up game dev show in Toronto, Canada, in 2017.
Download the demo here:
Oscar Jasso
Game Level Designer - Designer
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