Into The Unknown
Into the Unknown is a puzzle game, where the sole motive of player is to escape the level safely. Genre: Action/Adventurer Type: 3D Game Engine / Language used: Unity 5.1 / C# Platform: Mobile (Android) Features: 1. Smooth and controllable gameplay. 2. Various enemy prefabs. 3. Game world is filled with (soon to be!!) Sentry Guns, Teleporters, Bomb Throwers and generators, Rotating Fans, Lock -Key doors. Current Work: The project is currently under development using Unity 5. The project is being targeted for High-End Mobiles and Tablets. Most of them have been made into prefabs and now, the only job remains is level design in the editor. Find more about Into the Unknown here:
Aparant Mane
Designer and Programmer at Kangarooster LLC - Designer