Interstellar War (Pre-pre-alpha)
Published 18 days ago
Interstellar War
In the year 2021, things started going even further downhill for humanity. Aliens had begun attacking our planet! Fortunately, deep below Area 51, a hero was in stasis, having been trained for this event decades prior. This hero's name, is John Clario; U.S. Soldier trained in combat against extra-terrestrial forces over 50 years of preparation for the possibility of this event.
NOTE: This game is in WHATEVER STAGE THERE IS BEFORE PRE-ALPHA development, and only has one level, as well as only primitive assets, incomplete menus, and many bugs (Don't run into anything if you get motion sick). This build is to demonstrate what this game is capable of becoming with more time, and to show our wonderful instructors how much I've learned.
ANOTHER NOTE: I don't know how to use WebGL, and I don't have much time learn it, so I'm just using standard PC and Mac builds, contained in .zip folders at this link.
Jack Myron