Intergalactic Gold Rush
It's the Apocalypse! Your world has started crumbling around you and monsters are out to eat you! Try to survive as long as possible while collecting the gold needed to save your planet! Intergalactic Gold Rush is an arcade-style game of scoring big and surviving as long as possible. How do you do that? Collecting Gold Bricks, of course! Even better: If you collect a Gold Coin, you'll multiply the amount of Gold you receive! How does collecting gold save your planet? Who knows. Does it really matter? As you move your character around the world, the landscape will begin to crumble around you and monsters will hunt you down. Don't stay still for too long or you risk not only getting eaten, but the land falling out from under you. Fall into the abyss and it's game over! Thankfully, you have a magic gift for being able to create new land masses around you! Your magic's not unlimited, unfortunately, but it is regenerating. Luckily, there are also heart icons you can pick up in-case you lose any health and an armor icon for temporary invincibility! So get out there and save the world before it falls apart beneath you!
Omiya Games
Taro Omiya
Gameplay programmer, prolific indie developer - Programmer