Interactive Floor Platform
Published 2 years ago
In development
Mini-game platform for interactive floors developed in Unity
The Area Visual Mini-Game platform for interactive floors allows the company to quickly configure and reuse minigames fitting the clients criteria and multimedia content like photos and particle preferences. It saves time by configuring itself to use the textures, photos and particles that were specified in one single JSON file. This means that the company can create event configurations on the spot and allow clients to rapidly share their content with the team and see the results inmediatly. Also saves physical storage space by reducing the amount of data needed for each different event saving only the JSON configuration file and the content used in all mini games. This means that per client / event there is only this JSON file and multimedia content, and only using one build to execute them all.
Some Mini games include:
  • 2D "particles" that are moved by users. Custom sprites
  • 3D "particles" like football balls that are moved by users. Custom textures.
  • Trail like particle effects that follow users path. Custom sprites for particles.
  • 3D Animated animals such as pidgeons or fishes that react to users and use local and dynamic collision avoidance and detection. Custom textures.
  • Many more configurations and mini games capabilities.
Eduardo Nicolás Quintana
Unity Game Developer - Programmer