Insynth Soundtrack

The Edge of Horizon

Insynth Soundtrack

Insynth is an action 3D Platformer where the music generates the platforms for you to jump on. Run through a city generated by music and don’t fall off! In this game, me and three composers of different genre brings grooves that you just can’t resist jumping to.
Music in the order of play:
  1. The Edge of Horizon - by Albert Paixão
  2. Space Race - by Taylor Fortes
  3. Some Planets - RicharPK
  4. Night Hunter - by Daniel Kim
The game was developed by José Guerreiro, Fred, RicharPK, Martynyuu, tay4tes, lolmanQ, albertpaixao and DanKimAudio for the Music Game Jam 2017.
Albert Paixão
Music Composer and Sound Designer - Artist