Instant AR Multiplayer
Published 7 months ago
Multiplayer AR done Fast
Since AR started getting traction on mobile it was clear that multi-session applications would be more interesting than single player ones. This article is just a glimpse about what is possible with current ARKit and ARCore devices.
Using AR for gaming always brings the idea of multiplayer and sharing information between devices. This is about test and try out a few techniques to improve the speed of starting play mode. Bellow you can find the video and a few explanations how it works:

The main purpose is to join a multiplayer session as fast as possible. Timing is essential for mobile AR sessions. A good AR application/game should follow a few principles:
Short AR sessions and interactions, a good timing is essential to devices be able keep good tracking quality;
Immediate access to AR session without too much obstacles for the user;

Two devices can align and share their AR space almost instantaneously. For this to happen one device needs to scan the other and it’s done, simple as that!
This method can easily synchronize several devices in seconds. This only works if players are at same location. It could be used for any kind of AR multiplayer/multiuser scenario, from action games to simulations.
It doesn't require to be in the same network, mobile or wifi. It is compatible between ARKit and ARCore. The joining process and detection happens only inside devices, no need for server based cloud processing, this is the reason it can connect within seconds.

This demo only has the purpose to show the Sync method. The game server is a simple Php/WebSocket/Http implementation used to share information after it has joined sessions. Any multiplayer sever can be used, this implementation is custom and you can replace server side with PhotonEngine, UNet and so on.

What’s Next:
The idea is simple and under the hood there is a lot of work to make this ready. Next step is to finish the game server and add more features to the interface. Later, the ideal scenario would be adding this to last released game, Drone W.AR, for multiplayer fast action space shooter. Bellow you can find the single player version of the game:
Apple Store:

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