INSIDE / OUTSIDE 360 Projection
Inside / Outside is an immersive, interactive 360' projection for public use designed by Dariusz Makaruk, produced by
It is an audiovisual instrument allowing the public to create landscapes and soundscapes, create video and interactions with other people.
The audience can also create music and video together by holding hands.
The installation is designed to encourage collaboration between the audience, by inviting them together into the 360 degree, immersive 3D space of the projection. It is based on audience’s interaction, and their willingness to explore and create the digital world together. Whatever character the audience carries inside - is projected by them outside.
The projection is a full 360' perspective, allowing the public to navigate in all directions including upwards and downwards. The projection is in a full 3D environment allowing complex worlds and surround sound design of the sound 3D objects generated by audience.
The premiere of the installation was on the 18,19.05.2018 in Grand Front Osaka, Japan and was comissioned and organised by Knowledge Capital.
Design: Dariusz Makaruk
Cooperation: Jan Pieniazek
Organisation: Knowledge Capital, Osaka, Japan