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About This GameInnoquous 5, the fifth in the game series that began with 2008's Innoquous, is a huge puzzle platformer... with a twist! Hit a gravity arrow or jump into a flipper and you can rotate gravity, opening new paths through each of the huge collection of levels!Make your way through 175 levels (100 brand-spanking new to the game, 75 from Innoquous 4) riddled with alternative paths and shortcuts, encountering tens of obstacles, unique puzzles and a need to invent some bizarre strategies to finish them!All 175 levels are playable in six game modes, for hundreds of hours of content:- Standard: Get to the exit. That's it.- Bunny Hunt: Find the hidden bunny trapped in a crate somewhere off the beaten track.- Conditional: Obey a certain restriction in finishing the level that will force you to undertake new routes.- Time Limit: Get to the exit as fast as you can to obtain a gold, silver or bronze medal.- Fiery Floors: Complete the level with added flooring and obstacles to make your life difficult.- Chaser: Complete the level while a deadly clone of you is always one second behind you.On top of that, there are multiple groupings of the levels in both Speedrun and the new Permadeath mode, in which you either see how quickly you can complete the entire grouping, or see how many you can complete before you die.Find the secret note in each of the new 100 levels. They're never clear - some will even require you to perish to obtain them! Each one will unlock a line of a poem explaining how you found yourself in this bizarre world, who sent you here, and what happens next!If you run out of levels, the game also comes with a full-featured level creator! Give your level a name, a creator, a description, and begin drawing! Place every obstacle found in the main game, give it a gold, silve and bronze time limit, a conditional objective, place the bunny somewhere, and generally do pretty much everything found in the main game!You can then enter the Created Levels menu, where the game will display you all of your custom levels along with tracking completion, just as it does regular levels. Share your levels on Steam Workshop and download more for near-infinite expandability! b4d347fde0 Title: Innoquous 5Genre: Action, Casual, IndieDeveloper:Chequered Ink Ltd.Publisher:Chequered Ink Ltd.Release Date: 29 Aug, 2015 Innoquous 5 Activation Code Crack I went into this with no expectations, and the game surprised me with the depth of quality and polish. Which is to be expected for the fifth game in a series of indie games. Actually, this guy has made a LOT of games.I'm gonna review the whole series. You can find 1-4 by going to his website (, download via gamejolt.This series of games is a light puzzle platformer that's hard to explain. If you like the first four games, then you're going to *really* like this one. Also note that in my playthroughs of 1-4, I did not install the thing they wanted me to install. I don't know if that would enable controller support, but since the games play without installing it, I didn't install it.The first game is quite nice, with a simple design and simple rules. Kind of what you'd expect out of a flash game, except it's an EXE made in game maker. It moves really fast sometimes and somehow manages to lag, which leads to a lot of deaths. The music choice is really good, too. Rank #3The second feels like a rehash of the first and I didn't care for it. It's short, though. Rank #4The third is where the polish starts to come in. Colors, a proper menu, save and load, different modes including fire floors, conditions and speedrun. I didn't care for the music selection, though. For example, there's a very boring newgrounds audio portal sounding techno remix of the Mortal Kombat movie theme. Wat. Rank #2The fourth is IMO the worst game in the series. This one adds a 3D perspective to the mix, the controls are sped up significantly, and it has a menu resembling 5's, except it has almost no polish and is boring as hell. Rank #5.And finally we get to this game, the best of the series, which is a good thing because it's also the only one with a price tag. The 3D perspective is kept and polished significantly, the controls are fine-tuned, the levels feel interesting and have decent variety, CONTROLLER SUPPORT is added, it has a sleek menu with more logical item placements. It's better than 4 in every possible way, and is totally worth its $3 price tag. Also, the music selection is among the best in the entire series.I not only recommend this game, but I also recommend playing 1-3 as well.. I grabbed it because it was cheap and looked like fun! I have only tried it out for about 10-15 minutes but clearing the first few levels in all modes was fun! controls are solid (have to see if I can enable WASD, Haven't checked yet) and the levels seems to be straightforward at the beginning but still challenging when you just start. I'll update as I get further along but the one thing that I do appreciate is that in the settings you can toggle on/off the music you like or dislike in the playlist. Also, you can slide the music volume around if you prefer slight background noise or full 100% volume!. I bought this on a whim, and I'm glad I did! It's a great little platformer, chock full of content and variety. It has 175 levels, each of which can be played in numerous play modes. Even with several hours of playtime, I'm far from exhausting the game's content. It's worth noting that there are essentially two sets of levels: Levels 1-100 are the "Innoquous 5" levels, while levels 101-175 are based on levels from the developer's prior game "Innoquous 4." As levels 1-100 began to get quite difficult, I welcomed the ability to play additinonal easy and medium difficulty levels in the Innoquous 4 set.The game also includes a level editor and steam workshop functionality. I'm really looking forward to playing around with the gravity rotation gameplay to build custom levels.My one criticism: as the levels became more difficult, I began to feel that the controls are just a bit too sensitive--the speed of your ball is quite fast, so it can be difficult to nail subtle left/right movements (at least with a keyboard). The game is certainly fully playable and enjoyable as it is, but I'd love to see how the game would play with a slight adjustment to the control sensitivity.. A puzzle platformer with 175 levels, 8 game modes and a good soundtrack with an editable playlist. As other reviewers wrote controls are a bit over-sensitive. The game leaves not much else to desire. Innoquous has clean visuals and many options available you won't find in similar games.
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