Inner Stream
There are stories of Taoist monks who would collectively write by meditating alongside a stream, painting bits of poetry, then floating the page downstream to be retrieved and added to. Sometimes the poems were collected, sometimes they were left to flow on. Inspired by these stories, Inner Streams will immerse you in a peaceful waterside environment where you may explore your own vision with traditional writing and painting tools, share your works, and collaborate with other users for a cooperative creative experience.
This is my first app, and the concept continues to grow. I'm currenty learning how to create a proof-of-concept in Unity 3D and build the tools and social aspects in vr/ar, and perhaps mobile as well. This idea began as a virtual studio to learn the techniques of traditional Chinese brush painting. Please let me know if you're interested in building such an experience. Please visit for my most recent updates and more information. Thanks!
Damon Rolls
artist, vr dev. - Other