Client: Roland Bewick
Role: Art Direction, Game Assets, UI Design, Graphic Design
I was brought on to Infinitris as an art director. The game was open to allot of style variations so after discussion with the client about any preferences and specifications I began designing three mock-up that best represented the brief and my own opinion of the games visual direction.
Once a concept was chosen, following the clients feedback I began making variations to highlight multiple ways any issues could be tackled until we finally chose a design. This design was then used as a point of reference to create the games assets including it's tile based player grouping mechanic.
At this time the game had a very simple UI unable to support the many features the game would be requiring. To remedy this we designed a new graphics style that matched the new gameplay elements and begun constructing wireframes within adobe XD. This was my first time using XD and I was very happy with it's features especially having the ability to easily share any designs and notes with the client. Through several iterations the final wireframes were decided and the UI graphics could be completed.
I was also responsible for designing the games logo and promotional material including convention posters and business cards.
The game is currently available at