Ouroboros - The Ultimate Endless Track Solution
Ouroboros Track Engine is a level design and real-time level manager tool that takes endless runner and driver style games to the next level. It is a system that places track segments end on end as the player progresses through the level so that it effectively never ends. However, this is just the tip of the ice-berg, read on for more information on what it is capable of.
Ouroboros is feature rich with systems in place to dynamically spawn features and details to populate your segments so that they are different each time they are experienced. It includes a number of advanced features such as splitting tracks, no restrictions on track geometry, checkpoints and spawning patterns. Behind the scenes there are a number of optimization features at work to ensure you get the frames you deserve such as automatic object pooling, smart spawning, progressive spawning and track branch culling.
Ouroboros was designed to foster a healthy relationship between random procedural generation and hand crafted design, getting the best of both worlds. The designer is not restricted, they can choose how 'random' or how 'designed' they want a level to be.
Kenneth Claassen
Kenneth Claassen
6 months ago
Ouroboros has been submitted to Unity for approval. If all goes will it should be out sometime within the next 4 weeks.
Kenneth Claassen
8 months ago
Marlon Antonio Rodriguez PradoYou have not released it?
Unfortunately not. Getting that last 10% done has been a more difficult task than I anticipated. However, everyday I'm getting closer to something that I can actually call a product. I plan to release it Soon (TM) my current hope is before Christmas. They really don't lie when they say 90% of the work is in the last 10%
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You have not released it?
Gareth Evans
10 months ago
Thanks for the update @Kenneth Claassen ... I'll continue to monitor your progress.