Infectious Hospital Room - 3D Environment
Hello. My first high quality full-featured industry-ready project, which is 3D Assets for Unity. You can just put it and use (No, no, it’s not free =D ).
As an 3D Environment Artist, I have made my best. Assets contain models, textures, materials, LODs, LOD script to quick transfer lightmap from LOD0 onto others in group. And even animation clips presents on movable parts.
Goal was to make as few as possible polys, as few as possible textures, as few as possible pixels all on my way. But otherside make it such the details is not be ugly and workflow would seems comfortable.
As a target platform I kept PC in mind, but I think that VR and Mobile games will be good too.
Here is a promo video. Project complete on 95%
What do you think? Do you want to use this in your projects? What ideas you have when watching this.
Please, share it. Like if you like. And put here some your notes)
Release later this month.
Make some noise.
Yury Kozlov
3 WHITE LINES - Artist