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Published 2 years ago
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I included all the necessary information for a Graphic Designer to be start creating his first 3D Portfolio by joining Unity 5 through my digital product that resumes seven years of google research witch will allow the Graphic Designer how to create his first Pc Game by using Unity 5's Simulator for only 10$. ( " I will also uploaded it on the Asset Store tomorrow ");
I'm interested in your moral support as members of these community so I may be able to become mobile and start my financial activity in the city ( Bucharest ), I'm Romanian Software Engineer.
The solution is to find a email data base of graphic designers witch can be obtain from a business person witch is hired in a company or a individual that has the intellectual capacity to find himself in these particular position that will insist for both our benefit after all social opportunities are profitable.
Interest is important in 2018 !
If you share my hyperlink I will appreciate it because it's important for me and you will be able to express the point of view faster witch means that you will earn more time to use these advantage in your favor else I calculated the geometrical combination and came to the following conclusion that is a general opinion witch you can apply on different social levels depending on your social title that can also result in multiple income variations, the case is these one, for a 238.267 graphic designer email data base ( list ) as a time period by sharing my created product, taking into consideration that the information itself is necessary for the designer to advance in the informational system and finally join the IT Industry, I understand the fact that he will understand in three months that he dose not have a alternative and will buy the product due to lack of chances witch is just great from were I stand, I support the fact that it will be able for us to split the profit directly to your bank account after all we could open a new company under these private situation, I calculated at least $50.000 tax free profit as a overall theory for the moment.
If you could obtain a database list for 1 million graphic designers from a company similar to and we could brain storm a software using MySQL for the data base exchange between our server and the receiving email company for 2 to 3 months well I'm more then sure that we could obtain at least $350.000 for the team effort because it would only take one year for use to pass bureaucracy after we just establish our office after effectively start working on the software itself also I know can understand that routine is our target but I'm sure that with over 50 million as a population status under these circumstances we will find a investor to protect the zone until we organize our business plan because there are no real alternatives and after all those are also our money, I'll be sincere, money is important but more than that to have the capacity to actually create a security software for a politician for example is enough claim our rights in the court law, I know it's not fair but if you think it the following way you will be considered smart, I made the product, you can bargain with it for 10$ every ware you will be no matter the weather that means you could make $50 a day if you know how to talk business in a public park were all the people go out to read books also having the possibility to make new friends witch results in possibilities, for me interesting would be to sell it fast to 1000 people for $10.000, after all not everyone can support the fact that they can create a game for a VR Device or for the iOS App Store, right ?
Your opinion is important !
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