In The Grey - Gold Master
Published a year ago
Gold Mastered
After a long, semester of only working on this project on a team of three (1 - Level Designer and 2 - Programmers (Me and one other)). The development has come to an end and we have been 'Gold Mastered' for the semester.
Here’s a link, If you download it you will need a controller too play it -
During the development process, I learned a lot of lessons from the successes but by far the failures. Working on the smallest team in the program with only 1 - level designer, 2 - programmers and an amazing artist who had little to no experience with 3D modeling or even doing anything related with games. But the artist definitely stepped up too the challenge and hit it out of the park. Creating a unique style and look for everything we could imagine. We left a lot of amazing things on the table that we just didn't have the chance or time to either complete, implement, or they just didn't feel right. Hopefully the people find the end result, If I could I would have liked to continued working on the game see what we could do as a team.
Dakota McCutcheon
Game Programmer - Programmer