In The Grey - Dev Log 8
Published a year ago
Dev Log 8
Its been another busy few weeks, We have spent a lot of time on refining the Book UI, the Spirit AI and reworking the first half of the game making sure that it can be played front start to finish 99.99% of the time. So after that was done we started on the next part of the game. So in this progress video I will be showing off all the new things we have worked on.

The first thing may not be completely obvious, our teams artist who is absolutely killing it. as completed work on all the nature assets for the game. So over the last week we have been slowly texturing all the assets that we have in the game, from the ground to the sky we have completely new assets and resources. She also completed and we have swapped over to the new Spirit Model as can be seen above. She has also redone many of the UI elements and the next few weeks will be very busy for them.

In the last few weeks I have been working hard on a removing those awkward moments where the camera view would be block out by a branch on a tree, I have implemented a function that when an object starts to block the camera’s view of the player or what ever its looking at it will fade that object out so that it becomes see-through completely removing those moments completely.

I also implemented and set up the next puzzle, this one was a challenge cause it has many moving parts or in this case a pesky chipmunk (represented by the white cube). I can’t wait to show this puzzle off but here’s a sneak peak
Dakota McCutcheon
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