In The Grey - Dev Log 6
Published a year ago
Dev Log 6
So it has been a busy few weeks for everyone. So busy I needed to use YouTube again to show off the progress. If you can’t tell we have moved to a new level, with this came a lot of work of taking what we had in the old one to this new one.

When the move to the new level was completed, I started work on the some of the many need systems for the game. The main focus of of the past weeks was to get a build together for public play testing of our project hosted by Sheridan College. So I focused on getting the first half of the dialogue completed that was no easy task. along with that I spent sometime flushing out many buses and issues with the third person free cam that I completed a few weeks ago and the character controls to match.

I also spent time on cleaning up and re-blending the push and pull animations, it now transitions much smoother between idle and push/pull, then back again. It even moves much smooth I am really happy with the results.

The rest of the team has been working on designing the rest of the level, the other programmer has been working hard on giving the spirit AI more life and has also been working at the Book UI that can bee seen near the beginning of the video and last and not least our talented artist has been absolutely flying through the modeling and the concept work that she has been working on.
Dakota McCutcheon
Game Programmer - Programmer