In The Grey - Dev Log 4
Published a year ago
Dev Log 4
Another progress video, So over a weeks time I have implemented the start of our main menu. I have also put the finishing touches on a three different third person camera’s and over the next week we will decide on which one we like the better. The first one is the behind the player one that was shown off in the first video, the second is a third person orbit camera, where the player moves around the camera, and a free camera which is shown in the camera above, this is the one I like the best.

I have also started work on the infectious elements of In The Grey, This is what all the purple stuff is in the video. Without ruining anything i will give as little way as i can. so the story of our game is the forest has been infected by an unknown source. The elements that I implemented this week is when ever our young adventurer tries to search something that is infected, she get all dizzy and disoriented. I also implemented the cure for this infection, after helping out the spirit find its book, it uses what little of its power to cure the first half of the level of the infection. All can be seen in the video above
Dakota McCutcheon
Game Programmer - Programmer