In The Grey - Dev Log 10
Published a year ago
Dev Log 10
We have all be hard on work as its approaching the end of the semester and the project, its been long days and late nights since the last update. But it as paid off In The Grey can be played start to finish approximately 95% of the time.

Since the last progress update, I have been refining and implementing the remaining systems and functions that were needed. I Implemented and added a collectibles system, where when you pick up one of the collectible it will reveal a part of the page in the book for that collectible.

I also refined the push and pulling mechanic plenty, it is now possible to push and pull from both sides of the object, cause we felt that only being able to push/pull from one side didn’t make any sense. I am really happy with the results of this addition cause it made the whole mechanic more smooth and even fixed a bug that has been escaping me for a month.

The Infected effect was completely overhauled by me a few weeks ago, it now really gives that infected feeling by using a motion blur post effect it give a more infected and drunk effect feeling. I also revamped how the controls work when you are infected, before they were just reversed but now its better. instead of just reversing them I am now constantly changing which way forward is making it harder to move around while infected but made sure that it is still possible to do so.

Over the past couple of days I have implemented and set up the animations for all the AI woodland creature AI in the game. The bird is now fully animated with an Idle, an Angry Caw, a Flying and a Curious animation. along with the bird all three of the Chipmunk AI have been animated with a running animation. I have too give it too our artist she has done outstanding work animating everything and has done a unbelievable job on all the art, concept and asset work she has done since the beginning.

The Dialog system has been revised and given a face lift to make everything match the games art style, we have replaced the buttons and the panels with a paper look to match the look of the book UI. we are all very happy with how it has turned out.We have also implemented story paged into the book that will give much need backstory to the game, we have also just put the final touches on the end game of In The Grey, and are in the process of creating a intro that will give the some context to the beginning.

So that’s it for now, Over the next few weeks as we approach the end of the semester and the final date. Me and the rest of House Hippo Games will be working tirelessly at making sure that In The Grey is playable start too finish 99.9% of the time, and will be constantly making the game look as best as we possibly can. We can’t not wait to see what people think about In The Grey.
Dakota McCutcheon
Game Programmer - Programmer