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Mac; Windows; WebGL
"IN" - Final game jam submission for the Global Gam Jam 2018. A 3D narrative exploration experience diving deep into the mind of an agoraphobic. Born in the 1990's you travel through the 4 decades of her life using futuristic technology as a physicist walks you unlocking repressed memories. "Sometimes the only way out is in..."

Features Webcam Texturing ( the player's face is displayed on the head ). And an experiment compass to show player's what direction / which decade the rooms lead to ( 1990s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s ).

Music By : Seth Imming

#MadeWithUnity #GGJ18 #PlayCraftingNYC
Johnny Jacques
Game Developer + Creative Director - Programmer
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Mac; Windows; WebGL
2 years ago
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