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If you're a gamer you'd probably had your share of fun murdering minions to fight bosses and rescue princesses, the guys at Paper Castle Games are telling a very different story.
This is one of the 5 indie games currently in development (Jan 2018) that I review on The Loot Gaming, here you'll find my full interview with Castle Games and the review, if you want to read the full article: "5 Indie Games Currently In Development"
Reviewed on Windows.
Genre: 2D RPG Adventure.
Developer: Paper Castle Games.
Inspired by Paper Mario, Underhero will let you experience the other side of the Hero/Villan relationship. What happens at those evil hideouts? while the Hero is still going around in circles following the main storyline... Let me tell you, it gets pretty funny.

Interview with Paper Castle Games

Q: Why Underhero? What motivated the concept?
A: The concept of Underhero was inspired by the enemy interactions and portrayal in Paper Mario. Prior to that game, enemies were just obstacles to be defeated and nothing else. Paper Mario (and other games of course, like Super Mario RPG for example) treated enemy NPCs as just normal residents of that world, they had wishes, desires, personality, a life.
We wanted to make a game from the perspective of these characters, minions of a big baddie whose only objective is to kidnap a princess and defeat the hero.
And then we went one step ahead and asked ourselves: What would happen if one of those minions had to become the new hero?
Q: How did you come up with the combat mechanic? Are you planning on keep exploring it for future updates or games?
A: We came up with the combat by combining bits and pieces from our favorite battle systems: Paper Mario’s button presses and timing, Mario & Luigi’s dodging attacks, the stamina meter in Dark Souls, Mother 3 music combos, and many others!
Underhero’s combat is better described as a turn-based battle system, without turns! It’s all about timing your attacks and dodges correctly. We call it “timing-based” combat. The player has to evade enemy attacks by jumping or crouching, and successfully dodging rewards the player with more stamina for more attacks. So, it’s a balancing act between consuming and regaining stamina.
We are not planning on updating Underhero with more content, but probably updating to fix bugs that might arise. And to be honest we want to try something new for our next project, one day we might revisit this battle system and expand it, but who knows!
Q: I don't see a writer on the team. How did you produce the scripts?
A: We don't usually say everything we do for the game because it would be a very long and redundant list!
Everyone in the team does a little bit of everything, Kay the Artists, for example, writes the dialogue and most of the story, but also works on sound effects and level design.
Q: Do you have any funding goals or crowdfunding campaigns in mind?
A: We actually had an Indiegogo campaign a couple of years ago, but it was unsuccessful. We don't have a crowdfunding campaign planned at this time.
Q: How can players help the development of Under Hero?
A: We encourage anyone interested in Underhero to follow us on twitter @underherodevs and wishlist the game on steam! They can also join our discord server and chat with us about anything! We love engaging with the community.
Telling your friends and family about the game helps a lot too! We also love to see fanart, streams and let's plays.

I'm not going into details about the tutorial other than, definitively try it out! After that, you, a clueless (and a bit greedy) evil minion, end up with the magical hilt, the weapon of the mighty hero. If a little abusive, Elisabeth the IV will try to shape you up into a real hero, motivating you with offers of riches at the end of the quest.
These guys really have something going with their fighting mechanics, turn-based combat without turns? Crazy right? Well, it works great, It’s all about timing your attacks and dodges correctly during the encounter. They call it “timing-based” combat and Elisabeth will explain or more accurately bark out sarcastically, all you need to know about it.
My favorite part of Underhero without a doubt is the story, they really got into the minds of the enemy and came up with a hilarious plot. A lot of twists and turns and for those who love the game and are dedicated explorers there might be a few "threats" hidden on remote corners of the map.
It's very hard to find noteworthy flaws in the content or implementation, the only problem with the game is in their marketing, they lack crowdsourcing campaigns. After asking them about this they told me that a while ago they had an unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign. Now, this is no reason to give up on funding, I would suggest looking into Patreon.

How can you help Paper Castle Games develop Underhero?

As you know they're not currently running any crowdfunding campaigns. But they still need your support, follow them on twitter @underherodevs and wishlist the game on steam! You can also join a discord server and chat with them about anything!
If you're developing a game and would like me to take a look for future publications send me a DM on twitter @DanielR46 with the link to the site.
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