In Development - Tale of Toast
Published 2 years ago
This low-poly open-world MMORPG will take you through a cute tale of adventure and combat. Nice aesthetics, a big world to explore, and PVP action are very nice features for a game, but the guys at Toasty Leaf really went the extra mile with their crafting system.
This is one of the 5 indie games currently in development (March 2018) that I reviewed on The Loot Gaming, here you'll find my full interview with Austin and Fredrik, the developers of Tale of Toast and the review, if you want to read the full article: "In Development – March’s Indie Games Roundup".
Reviewed on Windows.
Developer: Toasty Leaf AB

Tale of Toast has many different resources and a huge amount of blueprints for you to craft. The crafting system is level-based, so you should specialize in one of the different crafting styles available on Tales of Toast.
After you have some armor you can start exploring this artistic world filled with cute monsters and other players to help you... Or kill you.
Tales of Toast has an open PVP system where you can kill other players that are just minding their own business. There is a slight downside, if you kill a player without provocation, you'll get killer status and the guards will kill you on sight.

Interview with Toasty Leaf AB

Q: What are you names? What inspired the concept of Tale of Toast?
A: Tale of Toast is made by two people - Austin and Fredrik. Austin lives in USA, and Fredrik lives in Sweden, so we have actually never met each other. We have played video games all our lives but, and wanted to create a more old school MMORPG that's inspired by a lot of old-school classic games such as Ultima Online, EverQuest, Diablo1, Runescape Classic (2001) and Ragnarok. We've also been inspired by games such as Final Fantasy XIV and Vanilla WoW.
Q: What has been the biggest challenge while developing the project?
A: The biggest challenge has been to do what's right for the future of the game and that each change we do will impact some player in a way they would not want to be impacted. It's not easy, but we do what we believe will be the best course of action for the community even if it's sometimes not a popular decision.
Q: What is the next step after the launch in steam?
A: We are continuing to develop the game and am currently focused on fixing the issues we have discovered during Early Access, and will then be adding features such as player housing, abilities for guilds to do guild castle sieges and such apart from standard content updates such as additional dungeons and areas.
Q: Are you working on any other games?
A: We are putting all our focus on Tale of Toast, to make it as good as we possibly can!

The game has a few small issues with path-finding and performance optimization, while it's not a big deal, they should really work on this, it kind of get's in the way.

How can you help the guys at Toasty Leave develop Tale of Toast?

They're currently working on sanding off the details so any feedback will be appreciated, tell your friends and try out this pretty cool MMORPG.

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