In Development - Piko Piko
Published 10 months ago
Piko Piko is a fun visual novel about a cute blacksmith girl with a heart hammer that has to go through a 2D platformer adventure to rescue her sensei.
This is one of the 5 indie games currently in development (Jan 2018) that I review on The Loot Gaming, here you'll find my full interview with Marquet and the review, if you want to read the full article: "5 Indie Games Currently In Development"
Reviewed on Windows. Also Supported by Mac
Genre: 2D platformer
Developer: Marquet Games

Cute and creative artwork, varied attacks, and very original enemies. Marquet Games is working hard to tell us a cool new story in a very creative way.
To advance through the levels you'll have to face different enemies, relying on a pretty convenient hammer that also shoots energy balls and turns into a drill... the main fighting mechanic is the stun, diving into an enemy's head with your hammer will literally leave it seeing stars for a few seconds, while stunned enemies will receive three times more damage so it's open season.

Q: What's your name?
A: Marquet
Q: Are you developing Piko Piko by yourself or working with a team?
A: I'm working alone, but a friend of mine make the music.
Q: Why Piko Piko? What made you choose this concept?
A: I just like to make games.
Q: Can you tell me about your development process?
A: I've started drawing all the characters, making the gameplay works and then start the history/world building process.
Q: What has been the biggest challenge while developing Piko Piko?
A: The biggest challenge is how to make the characters have personality.
It's really hard to describe, its when you look at a picture and you can imagine all the universe behind this, and part of you try thinks this is real. I think everyone got this type of feeling while watching a good fantasy movie on theaters.
Q: What will be your priority if you achieve your crowdfunding goals?
A: The priority is to finish the game obviously, but pay the musician, buy the sound effects software (i'm thinking in DSP anime), Steam Fees, and need to have special developer Nintendo Switch / Xbox One, if I pretend to port the game for the console.
Q: Are you or have you ever worked on another game?
A: Yes, and the game is almost finished and already greenlight, but it's a big game and my computer cant handle the game running on the engine (takes to much time to load), so if the crowdfunding success I would have enough money for computer upgrades too.

After completing the demo I would recommend for them to do a little bit of work in the user interface, the pause menu is solid, it even lets you configure the controls, but navigating it's a little tedious; Also shooting attack lets you stay in the air too long, it's easy to just jump out of range and snipe the enemies and takes away value for the other awesome attacks.

How can you help the guys at Marquet Games develop Piko Piko?

They are running a live crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo where you can preorder the game, get an NPC designed after you, or if you have the cash and are really serious about helping Marquet upgrade her equipment, they'll make you into a fully animated boss with your own voice and the lore of your choosing.
Too broke to support?
Nevermind that, the guys at Marquet Games get it, you can still help them out by following and sharing Piko Piko with your friends and social media followers.

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