In Development - Hull Breach
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Hull Breach is a simple Arcade Shooter where you'll have to fend off enemies in an underwater setting. Drive any of the three spaceships with different stats and special abilities. Take down as many enemies as you can to beat the high score.
This is one of the 5 indie games currently in development (May 2018) that I reviewed on The Loot Gaming, here you'll find my full interview with Viktor, the developer of Hull Breach and the review, if you want to read the full article: "In Development – May Roundup".

Reviewed on Windows.
Genre: Arcade Shooter
Developer: Viktor
Viktor did a great job integrating the pixel art graphics with the space shooter theme. Your pixel spaceships turn with 3D perspective, giving the game a nice 2.5D feel. This would be easier to appreciate with a little more illumination. However, the 3D component works very well to enhance the pixel artwork and make the game quite aesthetic.

Interview with the developer

Q: Did you developed Hull Breach by yourself?
A: Yes, I worked by myself. I made the graphics myself, I found the music and sounds on opengameart.
Q: What motivated the concept?
A: Regarding the pixel art style, the idea was to have strong outlines and 3D looking lighting. The sprites were rendered using Blender and there are normal maps and 2D lighting.
Regarding the style, It's supposed to be dark. Enemies should be hard to dodge if you only react once they enter the screen. This is also the reason for the controls - you can only move with reasonable speed in forward direction. So you have to keep an eye on the indicators and the radar.
Q: What has been the biggest challenge in the development?
A: There was no real big challenge, but this is because I already made a similar game with Godot (that was never in a playable state). I remember from that time setting up the collisions right using multiple collision layers was most difficult. Also rendering the sprites with Blender was somewhat complicated, particularly the outlines - there were some gaps so I had to correct this afterwards.
Q: How can users support the development of the game?
A: Post bug reports and feature requests on the GitHub page.
The game gets very challenging, with all the enemies shooting at you and all. Luckily your ship is fast, with enough skill you can get out of danger. but mind the rocks and other ships, crashing into them will kill you just as fast.

How can you support Viktor develop Hull Breach?

Hull Breach is pretty much ready, Viktor would really appreciate bug reports and feature requests, you can submit those to the GitHub project. If you'd like to get more arcade action and features, start sharing this concept with all your friends.
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