In Development - Guardian of Andra
Published 2 years ago
A quest to protect your people from the dangers of Andra, a small archipelago where monsters and humans fight for survival.
This is one of the 5 indie games currently in development (Jan 2018) that I review on The Loot Gaming, here you'll find my full interview with Darkenauts Studio and the review, if you want to read the full article: "5 Indie Games Currently In Development"
Try out their demo:
Reviewed on PC.
Genre: 3D RPG Adventure.
Developer: Douglas Lima and Ligia Assis
Twitter: |
On your quest to protect your people from the dangers of Andra, a small archipelago where monsters and humans fight for survival. "Guardian of Andra" by Douglas Lima and Ligia Assis is a 3D RPG adventure that will take you through very detailed and colorful maps where you'll fight enemies, and gather crystals to upgrade your character's skills.
The story behind the world of Andra is creative and really helps you get in the context of your role, with a spirit guide to let you know the secrets behind the temple of guardians, you end up immersed in the plot. Will you be the chosen guardian to find the secrets of the origins of Andra, protect your people and save your brother?


Q: Why Guardian of Andra? What motivated the concept?
A: Initially we wanted to make a game that was a mix of Monster Hunter and Terraria, but as time went on, and with the release of Zelda Breath of the Wild, things kind of took a natural turn and we took on the challenge of emulating Zelda as a learning experience.
Q: Do you have any funding goals?
A: We don't actually have any solid funding goals as of yet, but we do need help to make sure the game is finished and looks and feels as great as we want to make it be!
Q: What has been the biggest challenge while developing the game?
A: Definitely coordinating the group: managing the huge discrepancy of skill and knowledge between one half of the group and the other, making sure everyone knew what was happening even though things in the game changed in the blink of an eye, making sure everyone had something to do, etc.
Q: Could you tell me a little about your development process?
A: We first decide what we want to add to the game: a new monster, a new mechanic, a new character, etc.
Then we iterate, on paper, the many ways this could be done, what could go wrong, what could go right, and how it would work best within the game.
That being done, we then set out to make what needs to be done to make the new idea happen: prototyping with code, making the 2D design, modeling and/or sculpting in 3D, creating texture, animating, etc.
After this, it's ready for the phase where everything goes wrong: the tests inside the engine. It's when we fix everything and make it work with what we already have.
Q: How can people support your project?
A: We actually just set up a Patreon for our studio! It's There are lots of awesome rewards for anyone who wants to help us develop Guardian of Andra and many other games!
Q: Have you worked on any other games?
A: Guardian of Andra is actually our first game! We do plan to make many others in the future.

The concept of "Guardian of Andra" is pretty complete. They do need to sand out a few rough spots. Controls need a tune-up, and there are a few problems with the implementation of the maps, the most notable being when the character is falling, tries to grab the border of a platform to pull himself up, I'm sure you'll notice when you try out their demo.

How can you help Douglas and Ligia develop Guardian of Andra?

This game started as a project for university PUC-SP. However, these guys fell in love with the concept, this is evident from the level of detail in both story and graphics. So they decided to publish their demo and start a crowdsourcing campaign on Patreon to fund the development of a full version.

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