In Development - Dark Medival Times (Alpha Demo)
Published 2 years ago
Playing as a skeleton, you'll be part of a very interactive horror history, well, it won't be that scary for you, who doesn't feel brave while armed to the teeth?
This is one of the 5 indie games currently in development (Jan 2018) that I review on The Loot Gaming, here you'll find my full interview with Darkenauts Studio and the review, if you want to read the full article: "5 Indie Games Currently In Development"
Try the demo:
Reviewed on PC.
Genre: 2D RPG.
Developer: Darkenauts Studios.

Dark Medieval Times is a pretty clear description of Darkenauts Studio's current project. The way they play with the lights against the creepy environment artwork will immerse you in a new dark realm.
The term RPG has been thrown around quite loosely, Dark Medival Times takes it's genre very seriously. All the different weapons, spells, and attributes you can play around with will bring back the complete RPG experience to this project; Plus a gathering and crafting systems give Dark Medival Times a subtle sandbox feel.


Q: What are your names?
A: We are Riccardo and Giovanni Franch.

Q: Is the team still just the two brothers? Or have Darkenauts Studios expanded since then?
A: Yeah we are only two. We are two brothers which are trying to make games (without budget).

Q: Why Dark Medival Times? What made you choose this concept?
A: We started with the concept of a small mobile plaforming game and, after 2 weeks it has become a souls-like metroidvania platforming action RPG for PC.
We are huge fans of Souls-like, MediEvil and complex games so we decided to create a fusion of all the things we love.

Q: Can you tell me about your development process?
A: Concept art and basic gameplay are the starting points. Then we start to expand everything until we reach something we like.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge while developing Dark Medival Times?
A: Everything. We are self-thaught game developers and almost everything is a challenge for us.
But we worked really hard to create a game like DMT, and we are very proud of our work (we create everything: art, programming, music, ...)

Q: How can people support your development?
A: "By spreading the word". We need more people as possible to know that DMT exists.
Right now, we are creating a new medium-size game to help the development of DMT.

Q: Which of your other games did you enjoy making the most?
A: Dark Medieval Times is our favorite for sure, but we love every game we have made.They are a part of us.

After trying out their Alpha Demo version II, I would recommend they worked a little bit more on the UI aesthetics. Dark Medival Times has a very interactive world, which means a lot of UI, they have a great thing going with the conceptual artwork for the game, but the UI is boxy, with a digital feel that is a little out of place; The combat is action base, fresh and fun, but the regular enemies are too dumb in my opinion, they address this by giving them a huge damage output, but when you get used to the controls combat gets kind of one-sided.

How can you help the guys at Darkenauts Studio develop Dark Medival Times?

The Franch Brothers are pretty set, they are developing this awesome game out of passion, and they're asking for just one thing, share their work with all your gamer friends and social media followers. Give them a shout out on twitter!
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