APOLLO Shaders for Light Based Rendering inside Unity
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"APOLLO (Light Based Shaders) is now available on Unity Asset Store:!/content/103978
Light Based PBR" is a collection of shaders that has as a purpose to improve Unity's Standard Shading by introducing better light interactions while letting you have full control of your scene's Colors, Lighting, and Reflections. The project is still in progress so feel free to comment and tell what you would like to see included in the final release :) 7/8/2017: "Prometheus" feature added.
15/9/2017: New Anisotropic shader.
20/9/2017: New Transparent / Glass shader.
26/9/2017: Better Control over the shader.
11/10/2017: CubeMap Generator and Custom Reflection Probe in progress.
16/10/2017: BPR + Reflection Drops for Mobile.
30/11/2017: APOLLO is published on Unity Asset Store
2/12/2017: Improved Metallic shading + Metal Map and Value
7/12/2017: Issues in Building game are fixed + New HDR Reflection Drops/ Next update is coming soon!
11/12/2017: Metal Shading finalized - There are some issues with HDR Reflections when Anti Aliasing is on. (The rendering turns black) The package have been submitted to the Unity Asset Store. In the next update I will convert all scripts from java to C# and add transparent shaders.
15/12/2017: APOLLO BETA.2 is available on Unity Asset Store.
20/12/2017: APOLLO shaders got simplified and more effective. Metallic shading fixed.
29/12/2017: APOLLO BETA.2 latest version is available on Unity Asset Store.
30/12/2017: Transparent shaders finalized, scripts converted to C# with updated layout that includes instructions. APOLLO BETA.3 submitted to Unity Asset Store.
2/1/2018: APOLLO BETA.3 is available on Unity Asset Store.
8/1/2018: Issues detected in the SSR effect and fixed. New shader optimization. New shader for adding you objects in 360 video environment coming soon!
15/1/2018: Shader optimization, New Refraction shading on its way! HDR removed from Reflection drops due to rendering issues, I am looking for alternatives.
2/2/2018: APOLLO BETA.4 has been submitted to Unity Asset Store. The new package includes the new Refraction shader, more Ambient contrast in the Light manager and an UV Tilling Editor script to let you manage your textures tilling in seconds :)
5/2/2018: APOLLO BETA.4 is available on Unity Asset Store.
6/19/2018: Shaders fixes and the new Real Time Ambient Lighting is almost ready.
8/1/2018: New APOLLO Mirror shaders compatible with VR and Mobile are now available on Unity Asset Store.
8/10/2018: Working on APOLLO Car Painting shaders! As they consist of a complete deferent category, they will be released as a different package.

Furstentum Liechtenstein
Artist, Game developer
Ann Rodela
3 months ago
Indie game developer - Programmer
I like your shaders on Adam!
Artist, Game developer
Claude BuysseWhat happened to the Assetstore entry of Apollo? I was just about to buy it and saw it is no longer available?
It got deprecated because it included a Javascript. The package is now live again and updated to version 4 :)
Claude Buysse
6 months ago
What happened to the Assetstore entry of Apollo? I was just about to buy it and saw it is no longer available?