Impossible Pixel
Game Design / Game Developer / Art Design Reached the #2 Most Donwloaded App in the US App Store in February 2013 Reached #1 Most Downloaded App in 9 Countries Reached #2 in 30 Countries Reached Top 10 in 53 Countries "Impossible Pixel : Super Meat Boy on iPhone [...] with beautiful pixel graphics and a superb 8-bit soundtrack" - Blogosquare "If you enjoyed the spot-on platforming of Super Meat Boy and League of Evil 2, there’s a lot to like about this tricky adventure" - "4 out of 5. Everything combines to keep you playing death after death, trying your hardest to overcome the next challenge." - "8.5/10. Impossible Pixel is one of those apps that will stay installed on our iDevices for a very long time. Greatly recommended. " - "Rock-solid pixelart platformer" - "Impossible Pixel is an amazing arcade game that will keep you playing" - "Impossible Pixel is gorgeous" - "It's fun because it's brutal hard :D" - TouchGameplay From the bottom of the pixel earth to the high skies, dodge traps, avoid pixel monsters and go save the world in this highly demanding high speed platformer.
Jonathan Lepage
Game Developer
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