Important Tips to Design Professional Logos & Never Lose Clients Again!
Published 7 months ago
Designing logos is an interesting task. You are establishing an organization’s presence. Marketers actively working in different organizations are focused on enticing customers in a number of ways.
Designing logos is an interesting task. You are establishing an organization’s presence. Marketers actively working in different organizations are focused on enticing customers in a number of ways. In the wake of creating a presence, they leverage a number of elements including powerful visuals.
The first thing your customer is going to look at when he/she interacts with your brand is going to be your corporate logo. A perfectly designed logo will leave a powerful impression on the mind of your customers. A logo is not just a symbol of your corporate relevance, but it is also a tool to establish brand identity.
A professionally designed logo has the power to convert visitors into potential customers.
Here are 10 important tips every logo designer should keep in mind if they want to win their clients.
Tip # 1: Do you know that Mobile Friendly Logos are on the Rise?
Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and we all use them in a variety of ways. As more of its use is constantly increasing, the need to create a more responsive logo design has become incredibly imminent.
For example, the complete logo design of Walt Disney contains a castle and the written context (Walt Disney) as a whole. Whereas, if you view this particular logo on a smartphone device, you will see other variations comprising of the brand name “Walt Disney” or simply, “Disney” instead.
Here’s food for thought… whether you see a part of a logo design or the whole thing, as long as there is consistency in your logo design, you are sending a strong message to your customers.
Tip # 2: Stuck in Colors? Switch to Classic Theme of White & Black
Can’t decide which colors will go incredible with your specific logo design? Well, don’t worry, you can always leverage the classic color theme, the black and white combo. It is not only in trend but when handled under the supervision of a right designer will create a remarkable and everlasting impact.
From classic to gothic, from formal to funky, from sexy to sophisticated, black and white can create many emotive appeals if handled by the right professional.
Tip # 3: Create Some Positive Appeal By Making the Right Use of Negative Space
Having negative space in your logo design sounds like a bad option, doesn’t it? Well, not anymore. Learn the art of creating positive appeal by making use of the negative space in your logo design.
Here check out these amazing examples.
Tip # 4: Kill Two Birds with a Single Stone by Creating a Visual Double Entendre
The term coined by Joshua Johnson, a visual double entendre is a clever way of wrapping two pictures in a single one. The agenda is to promote a powerful concept or a complete idea behind a brand.
A great example of such a logo design comes from the Spartan’s Golf Club.
This type of logo design is often classified under the category of logos positively filling up negative space. But, they always back up a strong message where two emblems complete a full story behind the brand.
Tip # 5: Make Sure That Your Logo Reflects the Nature of Your Business
In the wake of creativity, people often falter from the path of creating a logo design which may reflect the original nature of the business. Hence, we advise you to make sure that your logo represents business.
One way is to study the colors and images which you have used in your desired logo. Check whether it aligns with the business you run or the product or service you deliver. Only when a logo is in coherence with your business will it create the perfect brand identity of your company in a competitive market.
Tip # 6: Spark up Your Content By Using a Remarkable 3D Logo Design
There is no denying the fact that the 3D image looks much cooler than a creatively designed 2D image. So, why not introduce that element into your professional logo design? There is no surprise that 3D logos are hot nowadays in the design market. It adds a punch of realism to your corporate logo design.
And you will be surprised to learn that 3D logos are not anything new. They have been around for quite some time but, they have recently started trending.
Check these interesting logo illustrations of interesting 3D logo designs.
Tip # 7: Adding a Text to Your Logo Design? Choose Fonts Very Carefully
When designing a logo, many designers often skip one of the most important tasks. They do not clearly define the typeface they are eager to use in their logo design. Choosing the right typeface for your logo design is as much important as deciding what the logo may look like to your customers.
For example, if you are designing a logo for an Italian food company, the best typeface for such a logo design is the scripted typeface. The scripted typeface contains a perfect flow that goes best with the design.
Tip # 8: Last but not Least, Simplicity in Logo Design is the Key to Success
Now, if you are in a business where you usually interact with professional logo design companies, you will realize that the key to earning success is keeping things simple. Use simple typography, use simple colors, use a simple design, one way or the other, keeping things simple can give your business the much-needed boost it deserves.
Some of the best brands in the market have the most simple logos:
Too many colors and too many fonts can make things complex for your readers to understand. Hence, try to keep things simple and use just enough creativity so that your readers can get the message.
So there you go! Here are my 8 important tips that can help you become a professional logo designer within no time. I hope this has been an informative read. Stay tuned, we will soon publish more.
Mohammad Ali