Implementing Sound in Unity using Wwise
Published 2 years ago
Wwise and Unity
Wwise is a middleware tool that allows users with very little knowledge of coding, to create very immersive and reactive soundscapes for games. While I was at school, I was lucky to learn a lot about this tool from a sound designer's point of view; still, I felt that despite having a very solid knowledge in Wwise's UI, I wanted to learn more about how a game engine, such as Unity, created the bridge and the connection between them.
After some reading and research I started to make my experiences in the implementation design and came up with a series of six videos that, I believe, show in a quick and easy way what to consider and what is necessary to create the most simple interactions between what is happening in-game and how the sound reacts to the visual needs of the game.
The videos have some more in-depth explanation of possible in-game scenarios and what solutions that can be used using simple commands and functions within the Unity script editor. I'll let them do the talk!
Click the YouTube link below and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Any feedback is welcome!
Thank you in advance!
João Almeida
Sound Designer - Other