Implementation of an Inertial Navigation System
A research study conducted in AMA Computer College in order to create an Inertial Navigation System that would solve some of the current limitations of Global Positioning Systems using built-in sensors found on Smartphone devices.
The technological advancement and evolution of Smartphone has led to the development and implementation of many important features such as the GPS, magnetometer, gyroscopes and accelerometers. Many of these features, most especially the Global Positioning System or GPS, have been extensively used to create software such as global tracking systems, mapping, and even some location-based games. However, such software including GPS-based applications is not suitable in urban or indoor environments. In order to tackle this problem, the researchers created a system that functions as a possible substitute for GPS. The created system does not rely on external references, instead it use a mobile phone’s built in sensors in order to create inertial navigation sensors. The integrated sensors form the foundation of the self contained navigation. The create system was implemented on a simple linear navigational game system in order to test its capability and accuracy.
Monsour Leo Capili
Software Engineer - Programmer