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Impeached is a satirical, political, jam game in which players take on the role of a president of an outlandish country. After signing absolutely absurd executive orders, players must defend their choices against a barrage of silly questions at the press conference. Just, try to not get impeached…


Impeached was a game created by four team members in 48 hours for the 2017 Peterborough Game Jam. With the jam’s theme of “Fake News”, and a healthy amount of inspiration from the then recent press-conference blunders, development on Impeached began!
Due to the small team size at the jam, we tried to leverage as much of Unity’s in-engine tools, such as the animation timeline and sprite sheet editor. Additionally, as with many of our jam games, there was a focus on having a single, memorable mechanic, in this case the ability to sign jibberish on executive orders, and built the game around said mechanic.


The game revolves around a core mechanic of trying to answer obscene questions at a press conference after signing an outrageous executive order. While answering these questions you must manage three separate resources to avoid becoming impeached. However, much like typical political climates the appropriate answers to appease your citizens can range from sobbing incoherently to calling someone fake news. Ultimately you are trying to sign off on as many possible executive orders as possible without getting Impeached!

Notable Features

Order Signing

By dynamically sampling textures, players are able to scribble whatever their heart’s desire on the executive orders. Obviously it was built for signatures, but we’ve found players had a blast creating everything from dinosaurs to scribbling out the entire page.

Spreadsheet Functionality

The game’s text is all parsed from a custom .csv file. Questions, headlines and executive orders are all easily editable, addable and swappable through strings of text! Want to try making your own questions? First, download the game from "" (Link in sidebar). Then follow the steps below to create your own order:
  • Open up the "Data" folder, then open "Streaming Assets", then "Executive Orders"
  • Duplicate an existing executive order and rename the ".CSV" file .
  • Open up your new ".CSV" file in Excel
  • Edit the questions, points awarded, options for players to answer or anything else you would like to change. Just do not alter the format or it will not load into the game.
  • Save the excel sheet, and boot up the game (Executive orders are pulled randomly, so you may need to play a few rounds before you get to play your handiwork.
  • Laugh and share with friends.

Coverage and Awards

Honorable Mentions at 2017 Peterborough Game Jam
Recently, massive YouTube influencer, JackSepticEye played Impeached for his 18 million followers. At the time of writing this document, the video has over 1,000,000 views! A link to the video can be found below:
Benjamin Scott
Game Designer and Unity Developer - Owner
Cody Romphf
Co-Founder - Designer
Shae Humphries
2D Artist - Artist
Joshua Cappelli
Director - Owner
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