Immerse all your senses, learn from other
Published 2 years ago
Pulling on styles from other games to grab attention and set the mood
ARENA 3D is a slow development for me. I was greenlit on Steam back in February this year and have worked on it when the creative feeling feels strongest. Sometimes you can achieve more if you step away from your work and go back to it. Features or ideas which you may have been unsure about before can suddenly seem incredible with a fresh perspective.
So what am I doing if not developing ARENA? Playing other games of course. When I first started to develop ARENA I found myself staying away from playing other games. It was an odd feeling, almost like a sense of failure that a game may have done something already that I want to do, or maybe that it had a feature that was a much improved version of what I had just created. I feared other games.
However over time, I realised that looking at other peoples work can be that little bit of inspiration you need to perfect or improve your idea.
The game mode I am working on at the moment is a little slower paced to the bullet hell of Exosphere which is a fast paced top-down twin stick shooter. I wanted to pursue a stealth idea which I had from early on and let the player think. More importantly I wanted to convey a sense of fear and uncertainty.
Take a look at my gameplay work in progress below...
So far the feedback has been very positive and I've had a hoot watching my girlfriend squeal whenever an enemy jumps out of the darkness. My tough as nails best friend also left the controller wet with his sweaty palms.
Not all the ideas have been my own however. I had a basic idea of what I wanted and drew up a plan over a cup of tea one afternoon at work...
Judy Collins