Idle Knight Legends
Updated a year ago
In development
An idle adventure game in which you will control a knight who is on a quest to become the richest of the rich!
Become the legendary Knight of Albion! Welcome to the the land of Albion, a realm full of treasures and loot. Fight mean goblins or employ friendly ones to work for you and conquer the dungeons of the land. Stuff your pockets with gold and equipment to become richer & stronger! But be careful, you'll never know if there are more dangerous creatures lurking in the depth


  • Manage your worker & minecart efficiency
  • Unlock deeper dungeon levels by fighting fierce goblins
  • Find weapons & armor in dungeons.
  • Level up character attributes to become stronger
  • Unlock new dungeons by becoming richer & stronger.
  • Retire your knight and send a new generation into the fight (Prestige)
Game Languages
German; English
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android