Short plot: When fishing on the lake, fisherman gets into storm. He decides to wait sleeping in his tent. After waking up because of freezing, he found only an empty burner and air getting colder. The main goal is to survive until necessary resourses will arrive. About gameplay Player have to watch many medical parameters of his body, search for useful items, that were left by other fishermans - such as food, water, medical kits, burner - anything that can help him to stay alive for few hours - until delivering of resourses. Player can suffer from many factors like hypotermia, hunger, thirst, demoralization, tiredness and drowse. Player dreams till test him, and players parameters - "morale" and "strenght" depend on its results. The lower morale is, the harder to surviver and pass through the dreams. Game takes place during animal weather conditions, temperature can suddenly go down and - as result - harm the player. If he is far away from the tent, on another piece of ice - it won't be easy to get warm. Besides that, many other risks can affect players life - like slipping by jumping, which can cause dangerous trauma and inevitable death, impossbility to get resourses or cold injuries. Our plan is to create as many causal relationships as it only possible.