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Turn-based strategy

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At the beginning of each session game, you choose three characters: a governor, a hero and a guild master. The enemy does the same. In the process of playing with the orders of your team, building, trading and hiring the army, you must capture the enemy's castle.


In many games, there are non-existent fairies and dragons, but there are no real gallows, slaves, and social inequality. So, in IamGraf the last points will be fully present.

So you will NOT find in the game:

  • Infinite farm and grind, where the player who has more time and money will have a better chance of winning
  • Naked girls, who unarmed kills huge ogres
  • Patterned "good and holy elves", "eat-crush-fights orcs", etc.

Main features:

  • Indirect management, most of your people do what they want, but with taxes and subsidies you can influence the development of your province
  • Heroes will not always be your assistants, sometimes they can turn against you, and you will need to think about how to get rid of them
  • A large amount is not good, a lot of food and refugees will flood your cities, a lot of gold and all bandits will assault your treasury
  • Taxes are not just rent from houses, but also a giant brake on the economy and trade. Do you need them?
  • In addition to your treasury, you will need to support such things as patriotism and the faith of your citizens
  • The battles will be short, animated skirmishes in the form of a mini-games (no green health bar above heads)
  • Events in which there will be no right solution

P.S. The game is still in development and not all of the list is realized, but if you like games like Dungeon Keeper, Tropico etc., then you will like this game too.
Just for food, coffee and a house rent for a lonely author, he will do everything that he said ( I mean myself ^_^ ).
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