IA Mobile App
IA (Interactive Alarm) is a Unity app that aims to control video game addiction by promoting focused study schedules, limiting video game usage, and by monitoring mobile app usage. It alarms the user when a study time starts and ends. It also alarms in the morning to wake you up and notifies you when it is time to sleep. It also lets you know when it is time for you to stop playing games.
When you take care of yourself, you also take care of IA, the character on screen. Waking up or studying on time gives you coins. Logging in each day and doing tasks will also reward you coins. Coins are used to make food for IA, which you can use to feed her to increase her health. Coins are also used to buy clothes to customize IA's look.
In this project, I coded all the systems in this app. I also created a plugin to make alarms, notifications, and app usage statistics work. Here are the app features that I worked on:
  • Alarm
  • Notifications
  • Usage Statistics
  • Study Scheduler
  • Study Timer
  • Video Game Playtime Timer
  • Clothing System
  • Cooking System
  • Shop
  • Painting Feature
  • Daily Login
  • Daily Tasks
Christian Ted Ochoa
Game Developer - Programmer