I'm a Unity C# 3D Certified Developer.
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If you click on the provided hyperlink you will be redirected to my YouTube Channel were you can watch my current pc game development and I'm interested in receiving shares, likes, comments for my projects and for the simple that I will be active on my current account for the rest of the world to understand what a developer is and how artificial intelligence influences our daily lives also I will try to be as professional as possible because Google Ads is income possibility and for the simple fact that besides these multinational option I have access to Publicity therefore if you have a message that you wish to promote using these mobile devices as modern tools to efficiently transmit your public request that would be just a benefit for both of us as individuals in the societies that we are living our lives for a better future and also here is a new hyperlink that will allow you to share my iOS App Offer for public people to have the possibility to understand my current position and maybe a chance to a legal future.
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Marian Alexandru
Programmer - Designer