I´ll never forget
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These are the 3 memories that make me feel that I have lived well.

1. "Music makes me feel alive"

-In this memory I wanted to express the feeling that I felt in a concert, when they played my favorite song, for a few seconds I felt that time was slower and my mind was free I just felt happiness.

2."Making a new friend"

-I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old, one day after leaving school, a dog started to follow me, then when I arrive at my house, I begged my mother to let me stay with the dog, she said yes.
I was the happiest person in the world
That day I had my first pet and a new friend.

3. "The beginning of a journey"

-One Christmas night long ago, I was maybe 5 years old I had asked for a videogame without knowing very well what it was, when I looked at my gift, my parents had given me my first console, I remember spending hours playing Mario and Dig Dug
And at that moment I had started my journey through the world of videogames, and I discovered that I wanted to create my own games.

-In the scenes I put wooden bridges because are the interpretations that I give to the connections between memories, the metaphor is that with the passage of time, the wooden bridges deteriorate as well as our mind but in the end there is always a fragment of the memories that never forgets.


I used:
  • Unity
  • MagicaVoxel
  • Post-Processing
  • Unity recorder
  • Timeline


The music of the video is free and i download from:


-First I made the sketch of the things I wanted in each scene

-Then I modeled and painted all the characters and things that I needed in MagicaVoxel
-And with all the models I unite everything in unity, adding particles, post processing and camera movements with the timeline


It was nice to remember good times that I have lived, I also learned a lot with this challenge, and I have much more to learn.
I hope you can feel what I wanted to show with each scene.
-Sebastian Vivas
Sean Smith
a year ago
Just graduated
Good vibes! I like the camera movement and the concert aesthetic!