Three remarkable memories_ =)
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Proxi Art Challenge: Three remarkable memories in low poly.
Our room in NL
Here comes the second memory, from a couple of years ago, when I was living in the Netherlands. I don`t specially remember if it was raining that day, but giving the weather in NL, doesn't really matter to me. Anyway, we had a surprise party for my roommate. It was the first surprise party that I organized, and I went crazy about the decoration and the accessories. She liked it so much that we left the decoration for about three months after that. The memory begins on the day of the party, but goes on for those three months. How the room changed, what projects we did there and how they inspired us. So I could say that the memory is more about our room than the party.

Process in the second scene, it is basically the same than in the first one. The idea was in the original sketches, then in the block, the details and the texturing. And directly to Unity, where I made the particle systems and used the processing stack to modify the appearance. One thing I did this time and that I should include in the other two is that I created a sybox material so that the rain came from somewhere. Although they are very different scenarios, I have created them particularly to agree on the style.
The process in images:

The skybox was painted in photoshop. I had to paint many differents to get one I liked it.

I did not fall, they pushed me!

Hello, This is Paula Chicote from Madrid, Spain. This is my firt post on the proxi art challenge, with concepts and one "lets call it finished" scene.
Here is my first environtmet and oldest memory. Little brothers and cousin, we were fighting to get on the hamaca at my uncles house, until one of us fell into the water. They had convinced me somehow that there were piranhas in that shitty fake river so I panicked a lot and cryed for the whole day. I remember it now as a funny story, and my brother and cousin say they don't remember no one falling into the water.
So now a little bit of process:
  1. Sketches and concept for I did not fall!. And the ideas for the rest of them environments.
2. Blocking part and handpainted textures :

I loved this challenge since I hear it. Thank you for such an amazing idea and motivation. I hope to gather the time to finish this challenge on time.

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Farrukh Abdur
9 days ago
3d Artist / Game Designer - Artist
Great updates Paula :)
9 days ago
3Dartist - Artist
lauren elliottLove the story....I want that piranha!
They'll jump out of the water soon =D. Thanks!
lauren elliott
9 days ago
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Love the story....I want that piranha!
Now that you show the final result I see the resemblance between the enviroment described and the real river 🖒cool job!
Lara Chicote
14 days ago
Cool work and good memories ❤️ @Paula keep on going 💪