I started out as a photo-journalist specialising in the nigh life events, movie premières, notorious DJ’s and parties I had been sent to cover, in 2002 I choose to switch paths and became a DJ using the contacts I had as a photographer. This saw me DJing in many different places including a number of the fashion week events. By 2008 the hobby had become a profession. In to 2011 I moved to UK (Edinburgh) I studied Sound Engineer and in the 2nd year of the course I chose Electronic Music production. In 2015 after being lucky enough to work and study at Soma Records, learning Ableton and focusing on master engineering ,I found myself with the skills needed to publish all kind of genres from Ambient to Techno House.
FAKTOR-E Is a project I have been keeping in mind . is to build a factory where any electronic music producer can join,
What for? to make work shops, to promote music, to teach DAW as Ableton, Cubase ,Logic Pro,Reason, the concept of mastering and mix-down , to get guidelines about paper work, e.g. Royalties , where to register your music, and where to sale it, DJ session and DJ and Producers interviews, answers and questions. it's all about to work in VR and helping each other, sharing experiences and learn what not to do to make mistakes as a music producer. sound designing for music and games etc. I need collaborators to build this FAKTOR-E and the more member we are the more help we an get from teachers, professionals, students etc. I have some diplomas and certificates in Music industries, tomorrow I will mention it I'm it's too late
Bash On!!!!
Mario McPherson
Mario McPherson
a year ago
Please one by oneI cannotRespondTo all of you at the same timeThanks for the proposal